Friday, January 6, 2012

touch screen for arduino mega

Just received my new 2,8" LCD touch screen fron nuelectronic.

got this touch LCD for 29 euro

I am going to use it to my EV as car monitor. burglar alarm, battery monitor and 'vitalevents' datalogger.

Links and ressources for LCD from  nuelectronic:

2.4"/2.8" TFT LCD shield user manual  - download here

2.4"/2.8" TFT LCD shield examples (bitmap, touchpanel calibration and menu selection) manual - download here

Font editor (Windows application) for 2.4"/2.8" TFT LCD shield - download here
Schematic - 2.8" TFT Color LCD, touchscreen shield V1.2  download here
LCD controller ILI9325 datasheet - download here
2.8" LCD datasheet - download here
Arduino library (compatible with ArduinoMega 1280 and ArduinoMega 2560) for TFT LCD and touchscreen shield -download here 
Example codes included in the library
  • Graphic and Font demonstration
  • Font/icon editor (PC application)
  • Touchscreen calibration and Menu example
  • SD card interface and Bitmap example

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