Sunday, January 15, 2012

PWM DC motor controller for DIIY electric bicycle

I started this project because i got hands-on a 50 Watt Bosch DC PM motor with bicycle gear mounted to it.

Update 23/1-2015: Repair liion battery for Electric bicycle, and how to dissemble a hub motor on a electric bicycle 

Bosch DPB24V 0 130 110 015 24 volt 50 watt DC motor

I have a old rarely used mountain bike made of aluminium, i  think it would be great to convert it to EB = Electric Bicycle.

I've made a luggage carrier of 6 mm solid steel, so that it is stable enough for the electric motor

i was disappointed to see the electric motor is with coal, thought really it was aconstant magnet motor

I made a bracket to hold the electric engine tight

Electronic for the DC Engine

I made a simple DIY PWM DC motor controller using NE555 and N-FET from scrapped computer

Bosch DPB24V 0 130 110 015 24 volt 50 watt DC motor with control electronic incl. Speed potmeter.

This is my version of the PWN DC motor controller. The schematic is based on some standard PWM Motor controller schematic found in google picture search

This is the circuit, i will make a filtering circuit latter, and fill up the space on the pcb, below components.

Spray with Lötlack SK10 or use molding compound to weather protect the electronic

Check out my DIY conversion of my old Mountain Bike to electric bicycle with the PWM DC motor controller circuit made in the post.

Check this movie for a demo of this Motor controller:

Links and ressources:
60Amp PWM DC controller
wiki about PWN
PWM controller filtering
Another version of this PWM DC motor controller
Molding compound for weather protection of the pcb
Lötlack SK10


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  3. can you give the software simulation of this work?