Sunday, January 22, 2012

EVduino-ms beta optocoupler batteri voltage sensor

The beta version with standard 5% resistors, in final version use 1% or better.

I use 15K resistor inseries with the optocoupler LED and conect this direkt on the batteri (red and black wire).

The 3 pins behind the cny 17 runs trouh a double shielded cable to to EVduino-MS.

Between +5 volt and the cny17 opto's collector there is a pull up resistor 20K 1%.

The voltage of a lead acid battery are:

12,8 volt: fully charged
10,5 volt fully discharged

Other solutions for measuring battery voltage with arduino:

1 wire technology, DS2438 messure battery voltage AND battery temperature, great for LiFePo4 batteries in the EV

Also i will try to test a linear opto circuit found online before i deside how the final version shoulld be.

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