Monday, December 5, 2011

Inductance Meter based on 555.

There are three 'main roads' to measure a inductor:

1: buy inductors with colorcode

2: Use a tonegenerator and a osciloscope to calculate inductance : 

3: Build a L meter / Induction meter

Below i build the inductance meter found at apexys-toan blog.

The schematic is borrowed from the projects homepage, hope this is ok, I will remove the schematic immediately on request from the author.

coil color code

In the original project a  40uA / 2500 ohm meter is used, my meter is 100 uA and 1000 ohm, and works well. I am not sure how to calculate the scale. I found tree inductors vwith colorcode on and plottet them into the scala. I have desided to buy cheap small inductors in different values, to calibrate the scale.

This is all electronic needed. I also plan to mount a range selector latter (i will the opdate schematic and also insert 1:1 picture of the scale.)

The ne555 at work

This is the induction meter, maybee i will put it into a box ;)

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