Monday, November 21, 2011

step up converter lm2577

Update 25-12-2011: added a 3k9 resistor in series with the trimpot, the trimpot burned at low resistance

lm2577 step up converter to be used for my TEG peltier power generator mountet on my pellet boiler.

I decided use this step up converter schematic as base circuit:

Works in first take ;)

This is the modified version of the circuit where i added 3k9 resistor:

I started placing components on the schematic:

Cut out a smal pcb

Mont all the parts

 12 volt DIY LED feeded from 3,5 volt supply. Could be a Li Ion or LiPo cell

I works, but i am not satisfied with the performance. There are lot of lost power in power conversion with this chip, as i only has a standard NPN transistor as switcher instead of a MosFet.

So i will DIY my own switcher circuit for my TEG ;)


  1. I've made this one but I have some problem and posted a thread here:
    Please take a look