Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Step up converter 12 volt to 24 volt dc

This a solarpanel mppt charger for 18 volts DIY solarpanels charging 24 volt batteries, It properly can be changed to charge 12 volts bateries as well. The circuit use a uc3842. this chip can be found i scrapped switchmode supplyes from outdated Computers.

I found the schematic for stepup converter 12 volt to 24 volt here


  • Version 1.0: this version i not covered on this site you can follow the 12 volt to 48 volt solarcharger stepup converter here
  • Version 0.8 beta: The version below show my first stepup converter experiment with uc3842. I 'killed' 2 uc3842 in my experiments increasing output voltage to 48-60 volt for my EV, så desided to build a new version, version 1.0

It works as expected, mppt starts charge at 15 volts, not sure why not 10 volt, but output voltage is stable 24 volt. When i turn input voltage up to 20 volt still 24 volt output, i turn down insteps to 10 vlt, still 24 volt output, and when i stay between 10 volt and 20 volt it works totaly as i expected, Great mppt to my diy solarpanels ;)

Some link and ressources:

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