Thursday, November 3, 2011

buck boost inverter for solarcels and peltier power

his article is my workbench 'Notepad' as i learn and build a buck bost inverter for low voltage from peltier elements seeberg effect (thermoelectric elements) and solarcells.

Both power sources give very low voltage: solarcells typical 0,5 volt and peltier elements 0,5 - 1-2 volts.

My goal is to charge directly on a standard acid battery, both 6 volt and 12 volt.

Latter i will add a Li Ion / LiPo single cell charger and a charger on mulitible Li cells cells

Project start

I've saved some defective PC computer power supplies for spare parts, they have quality great coils and more.

I believe i can find all parts needed on these pcb's to build my buck boost chargers

Chips found on deffective boards:

I believe the top210pfi is the best choose because it has a build in MOSFET, that means less components in the final buck boost circuit.

But first i might need to make a LC meter to measure coils Henry value.

nice and easy inductimeter project, i choose to build this one 

Building the Inductimeter

Links and ressources about buck boost:

transistor baseret, ingen trafo:
fet baseret, ingen trafo:
Boost moduler:


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