Monday, October 10, 2011

Fluke 8050A repair lcd display

I got this old fluke multimeter with defect display and not work paying to get repaired with newLCD display.
Defect LCD display in this fluke is a common failure, but no spare part avaiable online.

Found this link:

This guy repaired his fluke with 7 segments LED's display.

I desided to try this fix, and a had a old useless TRIAX TTR120 mpeg 2 tv digital tuner, i desided to hack it and make a LED 7 segment transplantation. I killed the triax tuner, removed the display board and found the datasheet for 7 segments here: LIM-5622G 7 segment display green light. These 7 segment LED's have nice big bright LEDS.

The dual seven segment LED display LIM-5622g is a common anode type as used in the hack. Don't know the current, voltage is 2-2,5 volt, curent properly 10-20 mA cause this is normal. I will come back to test this spec latter.

Started to removed the old defect LCD display.

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