Sunday, October 2, 2011

Exendis Gridfit 2200 repair

Four pairs of tyco dc connectors are used to connect the exendis Gridfit 2200 solar net inverter to solarpanels.
In my Gridfit 2200 one of the tyco connectors were broken.
I maneged to drill a small holl so i could glue the connector parts together.


  1. Hi,

    what type of AC connector is installed on the GridFit 2200? It seems to have only a M20x1.5 mount (no side holes), thus the regular C16-3 Amphenol connector doesn't work...

    Also, would you be able to scan the 2200 manual?


  2. hey, sorry for late answer, only manual i have is the Operating and installation manual for the SI2200 (same as gridfit 2200)

    net connector on my grifit is like this one:

    solarpanels connectors are from tyco:

    hope this helps

  3. Could you perhaps scan the manual for the SI2200 and provide a link?

    That'll be great!

    Thanks for the reply!

    1. i am not sure if there are copyright to this manual, Delta do not share this manual online.

      Do you have any specific quistions about the SI2200, i think it will be okay for me to answer quistions in a mail to you ;)

    2. the exendis gridfir 2200 is close to the same at delta, found usermanual here:

  4. Hi,
    A few years later... Hope you still read these posts.
    I have got a Gridfit 2200 installed. It broke down a few weeks ago, possibly after an electric storm (we were away at the time).
    The NTC next to the big coil at the top left is fried and took the smaller coil around the thick wire with it. I can't even read what type the ntc is.
    The manufacturer of the inverter: Exendis, is no longer in business; internet links to manuals mentioned by other people all seem to be dead. Maybe you have an answer from your copy of the manual to what types these two components are?
    Thanks in advance,


    1. I may have a complete spare unit, message me directly (realarms .at.