Friday, September 23, 2011

Pioneer cdj-1000 mkI ejects all compact disc

Pioneer cdj-1000 mkI ejects all compact disc

My pioneer cdj-1000 suddenly stopped playing cds, just ejects them.

(about pioneer cdj-1000 mkXX:

I searched in google and found this is a common problem with pioneer cdj xxxx cd players:
  • Found that often it is the laser head that neads to be replaced with a new one or
  • IC protectors are defect

So i found the 'Fuses', below the cd player, these are special types, ultra fast IC protectors, well i could not wait, and could not find a distributor in my contry, so i desided to repace with standard glass Fast Fuses.

You are responsible for errors or TOTAL burning your cdj-1000 if you insert the standard glass fuses !!

Pioneer recomend using IC protectors, do that if you want to be sure. 

Hereby I disclaims any responsibility myself if you burn your cdj-1000 completely ...
I disclaim any responsibility .!.!.!.

Now when you have decided to fix it, let's do so ;)

Found the service manual for the pioneer cdj-1000 mkI cd player here:
Stepping motor controlchip used in pioneer cdj-100 mkI is a LA6562:

Picture below show the 'fuse fi
About IC protector fuses:

IC protector

Circuit protection elements

Rohmís circuit protectors have a very reliable current cut-off capability that protects ICs and their circuits from accidental short circuit loads. Whether operated in AC or DC circuits, these circuit protectors have a very low internal resistance in normal operation, but safely and rapidly break the circuit when the current cutoff level is exceeded.

1) Cutoff is sharp and repeatable.
2) Low internal resistance and minimal voltage drop.
3) Incombustible.
4) Compact.
5) Rated for continuous use.
6) Good temperature characteristics.
7) Withstands surges well.
8) UL certified (UL certification number E107856).

Current surge protection

Leaded IC protectors Used in pioneer cdj-1000:

Placement of the IC protectors on the pcb:

I first used crimp flex to protect against short circuit and gave the fuses hot clue:

You can download this giude in pdf format here:

Pioneer Cdj-1000 MkI Ejects All Compact Disc

Also watch my movie on youtube where i fix my pioneer cdj-1000 mkI with a crazy spring in the laser head resulting in burned IC protectors:


  1. hello I need help with my cdj-1000 can you email me?

  2. what is wrong with your cdj-1000 ?

  3. Hi my cdj 1000 mk 1 keep's ejecting cd's too , and somebody has said i need a new laser and has tried to charge me Au$330 , i think he's trying to rip me off he said it was very labour intensive to replace a laser . Do you know how easy it is to replace a laser and how long will it take thanks Nick

  4. I have a dead cdj 1000 mk2...give me your e-mail.

  5. i have cdj-2000 same prb i got a spring on laser.thn i remove it bt prb is that whn i insert a gud quality cd it read well bt whn i insert medium quality cd which i always use it not found loading n loading thn after 10sec it auto eject.plss give me da solution

  6. hi i got 2 decks with issues.
    one the middle display shows (vinyl) but the rest of the deck is dead.
    2nd deck powers on works but both displays to not show anything.
    can u help me out wheat i need to replace

  7. Thanks for post, btw I can share one useful resource for dj's and producers