Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pioneer cdj-1000 maintenance

My pioneer cdj-100 mkI is from marts 2002 and i was not satisfied with the track wheel performance and sound when i turn it around. it made a rasping and scraping sound. So i decided to seperate the cd player and the tracking wheel, so i could clean it with hot water and disc soap.

WARNING:  Be careful, do not use TO hot water, it WILL destroy the wheel permanently!!

Also do not sink the switches down into the water, do as shown at picture above.

Clean the glass at the wheel display.

Use disc soap because it it defatting.

Remove pcb's to get the tracking wheel out.

Sink the top plate of the tracking wheel down into the water

If you are afraid to destroy the switches, then you can use a cloth with cleaning agent, eg window cleaner to clean then bottom plate of the tracking wheel.

The tracking wheel on pioneer's cdj cd players consist of two parts

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  1. i have a cuestion.....the top plate of The tracking wheel....have little plastic hold for 8 screws...that plastic mine one of the screws its of on the plastic......(plastic broke) so what it that plastic name part.....i need buy that plastic disc ...please help......and you solution its good....very good....after clean The tracking wheel..we need put some grase or not....