Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beo vision 3-32

Bang & Olufsen 32" television, i got i for free, Sound Generator is perhaps faulty. 

I don't have a remote control, and it can not be turned on without a beo4 remote.

Found out with help from that i can use my old beolink 1000 remote control to this TV.

I removed the backcover from the television, openned and folded out the pcbs inside, cleand the connectors with tuner 600 and used my air compressor to remove dust, thats it. 

I connect a dvd player , one touch on the beolink 1000, bang, audio and video work 100% ok. Great picture, also today, thi television is better than lot of cheap LCD flatscreen TV's.

service manual here

Tech spec and info about the beo vision 3 - 32

User manual here

The beovision 3-32 have a okay sound quality, not highend, but not bad at all. But the loudspeakers used is low quality.

Are there any Replacement Remote for beo4 ??

This is the sellers text en german:

Ersatz Fernbedienung B&O Beo4 Beolink1000 Beolink100

Technische Informationen

Beste Qualität!
Volle Funktionalität (Sendereinstellung, Menüfunktionen, etc...)
Kein programmieren notwendig. Sie können sofort nach dem Einlegen der Batterien Ihr Gerät mit der Fernbedienung bedienen.
Sie kaufen die im Bild dargestellte Fernbedienung!

Pries: $26 + postal cost

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