Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bang and olufsen beovox cx100 foam defect

My old b&o cx100 loadspeaker sounds really great, but foam in all 4 bas speakers are defect.

Update 23/1-2015: hack your old loudspeakers and DIY active speakers

I found new foam on eBay, and i will try to repair them myself.

Found new foam herehttp://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/audiofriends/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562

Found great b&o beovox repair guide here:

(And this guide show howto refoam 'behine the cone': http://www.audiofriends.nl/pdf/behind-cone.pdf)

Got the new suroundings in house ;)

Update 7/11-2011: working on refoam , and record a smal video at this moment. It is easy to refoam, and one woofer already rapaired and tested, works great ;) Movie will be places below pictures and text in this post.

This is great quality woofers, and they and they weigh well. 

I simply love these speakers ;)

Tip: If you Chop up a beovision, remove the loadspeakers and power amplifier module a make you self a IPOD, IPAD, ANDROID, smartphone, IPHONE transportabel sound blaster like this one http://mynerdstuff.blogspot.com/2011/08/ipad-ipod-android-blaster-built-of.html build from scrap and to pcs. loadspeakers from a b&o beovision LX2802

B&O Beovox cx100 Refoam process howto:

I chossed to take the woofers out from the cabinet, to protect against scratches, an the 'messy' defect foam, that is very sticky, slimy stuff Remove the old foam totally fra the cone and the woofer frame.

This is the defect foam, i have removed some of is, buy as you can see on the picture, more work must be done before refoam.

Closer look at the woofer, the rest of the old foam are not easy to remove, but use a knife, and scratch it carefully until the old foam are gone.

 I can't remove more of the old foam, this was how my woofers looked before i glued new foam on them.

This was my first re-foamed woofer, i simply found a tea mug with the right diameter, and placed a 1 kg weights om to to press the foam to the woofers frame. As you se i used a battery to pull down the foam to the frame as i glued i on, an placed the tea mug to hold i down. This was done to secure the cone is hold into center, or the sound will bee scratchy after the refoam is finished. I let the glue dry up to the next day, placed woofers in the speakers, and it works well.

This was my first DIY refoamed beovox cx100 woofer ;)

Movie DIY guide:

Watch the entire movie below, it is a ameatur diy movie, but before you repair you ovne woofers, please read this DISLAIMER:

You are solely responsible for the consequences if you follow thisRepair guideIf your woofer units subsequently does not work, or you cut a hole in the coneor cut your fingers, or anything else. I myself disclaims any liability

The film is only for guidance, thanks

Movie will be inserted here


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