Friday, September 30, 2011

gridfit 2200 solar net inverter from exendis

Check out my Gridfit 2200 inverter solar panel installation
Gridfit 2200 user manual found here

Exendis is from a Netherlands (EU) based company.

They produce lot of high quality electronic for renewable energy and electric cars, also fuel cells..

EXENDIS Renewable Energy B.V.,
Keesomstraat 4,
6716 AB  Ede,
P.O. Box 56, 6710 BB  Ede,
the Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)318 676 111, Fax: +31 (0)318 676 201, E-mail:

About the Gridfit 2200 From exendis

This inverter is from approx 2003 and are reliable and high quality. Components inside are high quality and high temperature capasitors are used inside.

A resume from Exendis pdf sales material: 

A quick look inside the inverter will demonstrate its high quality
standards. Extensively tested and checked, the GridFit delivers
extremely reliable operating safety under all conditions.
GridFit 1900 | 2200 | 2500
Reliable Industry Quality

The GridFit can be simply and quickly installed in both indoor
and outdoor areas. With a weight of just 13 Kg, it is even
easier to handle.
Thanks to the automatic recognition of RS 232 or RS 485
interface, "Plug and Play" really is the case. The GridFit
can provide you with comprehensive PC data via GridLog
and GridSafe.

The GridFit conforms with VDEW standards (Union of German
Electricity Producers) and fulfils all of electricity producer
requirements. An important plus point to this inverter is the
galvanic separation, which ensures both reliability and safety.

Developed and produced by a world’s largest manufacturer of
power supply units. In order to ensure a high level of quality,
all GridFit devices are tested in a "Burn In" climate chamber
and are thoroughly tested. Only after it has passed these tests
a device is released for sale.

Gridfit 2200 specifications

Gridfit 2200 exendis ressources:
Link to English pdf filen about the gridfit 2200 from exendis
Link to German article about exendis gridfit 2200

Monday, September 26, 2011

Replacement Remote for beo4 from bang and olufsen

Replacement Remote for beo4 found on

Yes in germany on the sellers profil:

This is the sellers text en german:

Technische Informationen

Beste Qualität!
Volle Funktionalität (Sendereinstellung, Menüfunktionen, etc...)
Kein programmieren notwendig. Sie können sofort nach dem Einlegen der Batterien Ihr Gerät mit der Fernbedienung bedienen.
Sie kaufen die im Bild dargestellte Fernbedienung!

Pries: $26 + postal cost

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pioneer cdj-1000 dj cd player

This is my mkI  version of pioneer cdj-1000 cd player

Pioneer cdj-1000 maintenance

My pioneer cdj-100 mkI is from marts 2002 and i was not satisfied with the track wheel performance and sound when i turn it around. it made a rasping and scraping sound. So i decided to seperate the cd player and the tracking wheel, so i could clean it with hot water and disc soap.

WARNING:  Be careful, do not use TO hot water, it WILL destroy the wheel permanently!!

Also do not sink the switches down into the water, do as shown at picture above.

Clean the glass at the wheel display.

Use disc soap because it it defatting.

Remove pcb's to get the tracking wheel out.

Sink the top plate of the tracking wheel down into the water

If you are afraid to destroy the switches, then you can use a cloth with cleaning agent, eg window cleaner to clean then bottom plate of the tracking wheel.

The tracking wheel on pioneer's cdj cd players consist of two parts

Friday, September 23, 2011

Repair ALPS volume potmeter in NAD amplifiers

Repair Alps Volume Potmeter in NAD Amplifiers NAD 7240pe NAD 3240pe

Pioneer cdj-1000 mkI ejects all compact disc

Pioneer cdj-1000 mkI ejects all compact disc

My pioneer cdj-1000 suddenly stopped playing cds, just ejects them.

(about pioneer cdj-1000 mkXX:

I searched in google and found this is a common problem with pioneer cdj xxxx cd players:
  • Found that often it is the laser head that neads to be replaced with a new one or
  • IC protectors are defect

So i found the 'Fuses', below the cd player, these are special types, ultra fast IC protectors, well i could not wait, and could not find a distributor in my contry, so i desided to repace with standard glass Fast Fuses.

You are responsible for errors or TOTAL burning your cdj-1000 if you insert the standard glass fuses !!

Pioneer recomend using IC protectors, do that if you want to be sure. 

Hereby I disclaims any responsibility myself if you burn your cdj-1000 completely ...
I disclaim any responsibility .!.!.!.

Now when you have decided to fix it, let's do so ;)

Found the service manual for the pioneer cdj-1000 mkI cd player here:
Stepping motor controlchip used in pioneer cdj-100 mkI is a LA6562:

Picture below show the 'fuse fi
About IC protector fuses:

IC protector

Circuit protection elements

Rohmís circuit protectors have a very reliable current cut-off capability that protects ICs and their circuits from accidental short circuit loads. Whether operated in AC or DC circuits, these circuit protectors have a very low internal resistance in normal operation, but safely and rapidly break the circuit when the current cutoff level is exceeded.

1) Cutoff is sharp and repeatable.
2) Low internal resistance and minimal voltage drop.
3) Incombustible.
4) Compact.
5) Rated for continuous use.
6) Good temperature characteristics.
7) Withstands surges well.
8) UL certified (UL certification number E107856).

Current surge protection

Leaded IC protectors Used in pioneer cdj-1000:

Placement of the IC protectors on the pcb:

I first used crimp flex to protect against short circuit and gave the fuses hot clue:

You can download this giude in pdf format here:

Pioneer Cdj-1000 MkI Ejects All Compact Disc

Also watch my movie on youtube where i fix my pioneer cdj-1000 mkI with a crazy spring in the laser head resulting in burned IC protectors:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

hum, noise and distortion in audio equipment

Repair Note Noise Hum and Distortion in Hifi Amplifiers

nad 7240pe defect

this is my very old nad 7240 pe reciever, defect by the way, but found the two defects today.

This video show the effect of a defect in the volume potmeter.

Repair note for audio equipment with hum, noise and distortion can be found here:

Repair ALPS potmeter in defect NAD amplifiers:

Repair Alps Volume Potmeter in NAD Amplifiers NAD 7240pe NAD 3240pe

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beovision 3-32 8800 television

I really expect more quality speakers in a television from b&o denmark...

This is cheap computer speakers, and dome is made of plastic ..

This tv cost was 30000 danish kroner from new 8 years ago..

Old vintage B&O loadspeakers had very high quality speakers, as my old vintage cx100 from 1984

Replacement remotecontrol to beo4

Beo vision 3-32

Bang & Olufsen 32" television, i got i for free, Sound Generator is perhaps faulty. 

I don't have a remote control, and it can not be turned on without a beo4 remote.

Found out with help from that i can use my old beolink 1000 remote control to this TV.

I removed the backcover from the television, openned and folded out the pcbs inside, cleand the connectors with tuner 600 and used my air compressor to remove dust, thats it. 

I connect a dvd player , one touch on the beolink 1000, bang, audio and video work 100% ok. Great picture, also today, thi television is better than lot of cheap LCD flatscreen TV's.

service manual here

Tech spec and info about the beo vision 3 - 32

User manual here

The beovision 3-32 have a okay sound quality, not highend, but not bad at all. But the loudspeakers used is low quality.

Are there any Replacement Remote for beo4 ??

This is the sellers text en german:

Ersatz Fernbedienung B&O Beo4 Beolink1000 Beolink100

Technische Informationen

Beste Qualität!
Volle Funktionalität (Sendereinstellung, Menüfunktionen, etc...)
Kein programmieren notwendig. Sie können sofort nach dem Einlegen der Batterien Ihr Gerät mit der Fernbedienung bedienen.
Sie kaufen die im Bild dargestellte Fernbedienung!

Pries: $26 + postal cost