Sunday, July 31, 2011

Solarcells EVA encapsulation process

This is a HD movie guide to make EVA encapsulation of solarpanels.

I used STR photocap in the movie.

In this blog i will explain the process of building DIY solarpanels and the methodes i tryed out.

DIY solar panels build on wood plate without EVA work after 3 years, provide savings on my energy bills. But EVA laminated solarpanels are better and last longer.

The solarcells used in this setp is broken pieces from 8 Amp cells.
These small pieces produce more than 1 Amp peak, så don't trough out broken solarcells ;)

Fell free to ask about any solar energy related, i might be able to help out :) or find that link you need.


  1. great work!
    in the first movie you said you got the EVA form spain. Where did you buy it and how much you pay?

  2. hey, sorry for late answer, i found it on and payed approx $200 for 15 x 1 meter role.

    It is not easy to get hands on small pieces EVA (less than 100 meter rolls or so)

    Found this:

    How much do you need?

    STR had a inquiry form for developers, you might get lucky to fill out this form and receive free samples.

    I myself have around. 5 meters EVA back

  3. Hi.

    The youtube videos are not avalibles. Do you have a new videos? Thanks